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Javiya Ariyahn Minor, professionally known as Ayahn, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Born to Cherez Janiya Herrera-Hudson and Javas Dubois Minor in East Menlo Park, CA and raised in Memphis, TN, Ayahn began singing in pulpits at age two and has been writing songs since age nine. Her music is colored by a dense palette of musical styles. Having studied and performed classical, jazz, gospel, soul, rock, r&b, and pop music over the course of her personal life and academic career at performing arts institutions such as Overton High School of the Creative and Performing Arts and the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a bachelors degree in songwriting, Ayahn is an eclectic wordsmith of sorts -  adept at creating a plethora of worlds for every mood. 

Welding elements of acoustic and electronic sounds, her stylistic variety presents many different perspectives into her world of enigma. She identifies her musical style as alternative R&B and attributes much of her influence to Aretha Franklin, Prince, Frank Ocean, Destiny's Child, Drake, and Kanye West  to name a few artists. Her debut LP, Concord, is set to be released in the spring of 2019. 

I find it more safe to speak my mind in song. I document my perspectives and experiences in personal relationships and in relation to the world both in and out of my immediate sphere of influence. If my journey in this life is the only thing I can ever, truly, own, I lay claim on my stories in effort to inspire others to own theirs as well.
— Ayahn
— Kendrick Lamar
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by Ayahn